Fort Mill, SC Gold And Silver Refinery

Charlotte, NC, Statesville, NC

Piedmont Gold Buyers & Refinery

3 convenient locations - Fort Mill, SC, Charlotte, NC, Statesville, NC

Do you have unwanted gold, silver, or jewelry sitting around? Are you looking for a great way to make cash, fast? We will pay you the highest cash payouts around for your gold and unwanted jewelry.

The price of gold is always changing, and because of that, our prices that we pay for gold are always changing. The percentage price we pay for gold will always remain the same, so our prices will always be up to 30% higher than our competitors.

If you are interested in exchanging your cash for gold, don’t wait any longer and call us today, or stop in for a free appraisal.

What We Pay:

  • Highest payouts for gold , silver, and jewelry
  • Prices are based on Penny Weights (DWT)
  • 20 DWT = 1 ounce of gold
  • 1 DWT = 1.555 grams
  • Price of gold changes everyday
  • What we pay changes everyday

Sell your unwanted gold, silver, or jewelry for the highest cash payouts around, by calling Piedmont Gold Buyers & Refinery today at 803-282-9221 or stop into one of our 3 convenient locations for a free appraisal.

Gold And Silver Refinery  - Fort Mill, SC  - Piedmont Gold Buyers & Refinery


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